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Community Connected Conservation for Central Victoria


Biolinks Alliance is the only organisation in Victoria dedicated to inclusive, large-scale conservation – designed to foster coalitions to align and coordinate efforts, to bring in the planning and know-how to ensure we work smartly and succeed.

Biolinks Alliance has identified a unique role for itself as a partnership and capacity building organisation that will ensure that the significant momentum there is for community-driven conservation on public and private land in central Victoria is supported, coordinated and amplified.

I attended the ‘Linking Landscapes Symposium’ that you organised and just wanted to say what an outstanding event it was, bringing together leading conservation scientists and many people with so much practical and effective experience in these fields... its was an inspirational day and I believe many of us have learnt and taken away much information and knowledge that will be put into positive effect in the future
— Sue Chivers, Ashborne Landcare Group

I am not an expert in this area and need specific advice in developing and monitoring and evaluating projects…Central Victorian Biolinks Alliance could help with this.
— Michael Moore, Chair Wedderburn Conservation Management Network


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