Local 2 Landscape


Our members tell us they want to scale up their successful habitat restoration projects, but feel frustrated by the lack of science-based landscape plans for expanded projects.

To address this gap, Biolinks Alliance has developed a new approach to build local community capacity to implement landscape-scale conservation.

Local 2 Landscape

Central to the Biolinks Alliance Local to Landscape process is collaboration and learning, and the production of practical ‘real-world’ plans to restore and reconnect habitat at landscape scale. Biolinks Alliance will bring together local expert knowledge, our own expertise, and that of outside experts in a process that will develop domain-specific and scientifically robust conservation solutions.

This process will ensure the local community owns the vision, their roles, activities and the timetable. The focus on collaboration, learning and practical plans distinguishes the way that the Biolinks Alliance works from the many biodiversity planning processes that have been undertaken in the past (and sadly gather dust on shelves).

Biolinks Alliance plans are a kind of conservation investment “prospectus” that combines ecological restoration based on landscape-scale principles alongside building local community conservation expertise, organisation and operational capacity. They will be detailed operational blueprints ready for implementation - and ready to present to potential investors.

No one organization can single-handedly address the large landscape challenges of climate and land use change, but by building communities of invested stakeholders around large landscape issues, we set the stage for collaboration - and solutions - on a grand scale.
— US Center for Large Landscape Conservation