Lessons Learnt Workshop


The Central Victorian Biolinks project is holding a workshop to bring together practitioners of landscape-scale conservation projects to share their experiences on what has worked or not been so successful in setting up projects in their regions. We are calling it the "Lesson's Learnt Workshop" and are keen to hear from anyone involved in anyway (from a very part time to very full time way) in landscape conservation projects that especially address issues of connectivity and reconstruction at larger ecological scales. Whether your project is at early stages, or has been developing for a while, we would like to hear what you did, what you learnt and what you would do differently. As each project seems to have a life of its own we believe there are many useful lessons ‘out there’.

We would also hope that the workshop is of value to you too.  We envisage a ‘community of practice’ could be set up to keep exchanging the lessons learnt.

The Lessons Learned Workshop will be held in Bendigo on January 24, 2012.  If you would like to know more please contact Sophie Bickford.