Partnership with Great Eastern Ranges connectivity conservation initative


The CVB Alliance has partnered with the Great Eastern Ranges connectivity conservation initiative. The Great Eastern Ranges (GER) initiative is bringing together people and organisations to focus efforts to establish a conservation corridor from the Grampians in the south to far North Queensland. GER is a strategic response to mitigate the potential impacts of climate change, invasive species, land clearing and other environmental stresses on an area that contains nearly two thirds of our threatened species and three quarters of our vegetation communities.

CBV has already benefited greatly from the partnership - participating in Facilitators workshops that have been great opportunity to share experiences and learnings on implementing 'local'-scale initiatives contributing to the Corridors vision and receiving helpful advice from its skilled and experienced staff.

We look forward to this partnership that will undoubtedly enrich and strengthen the multi-scalar effort required to reserve, restore and build resilience in our environment.