Catch up on Gary Tabor's inspirational talk

If you were not one of the 130 very fortunate people who made it to Kyneton to hear Dr Gary Tabor speak about our 21st Century ecological challenges and how we need to tackle them - it is now available to watch online. This is a talk to show your kids, to show your mum and dad and tell your local politicians about.

Gary showed us the vital importance of protecting and re-connecting habitat over thousands of kilometres. 

He also demonstrated that connecting habitat over this vast scale is not a pipe dream – his experience in Africa and the US shows us that we can re-connect fragmented habitats across central Victoria.

With 26 of our animal species already extinct, we must do all that we can to ensure that the more than 110 animals and 150 plants that are currently threatened in central Victoria do not follow them.


Sophie Bickford