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Members and Delegates Update - December 2018

Greetings to the members and friends of Biolinks Alliance. 

This update follows on from the Annual General Meeting on 3rd October. 

Our first Annual Report covers the year to the AGM. 

This year, the AGM marked the first three years of Biolinks Alliance as a fully incorporated group.  The Presidents Report and the financial report can be read in the Annual Report. 

We have a new Board with some old faces and two new faces:

Chair:  Paul Foreman

Vice-chair:  Karen Alexander

Secretary:  Peter Mitchell

Treasurer:  vacant position

Board members:  Ann McGregor, James Nelsson (Wedderburn CMN) plus new members Gayle Osborne (Wombat ForestCare) and Loki McIntyre (Project Platypus).

The Board will seek a new Treasurer and others to join the Board.

Retiring members Simon Cammell, Anthony Gallacher, Greg Romanes , Amanda Gauci and Anthony Dufty were thanked for their contributions over the past year or more.

Wanted:  Treasurer

No-one nominated for the Treasurer position at the AGM.  We have a book-keeper who can keep financial matters rolling with help from Sophie and the Executive.  But we are seeking someone to take on the role.  If you or someone you know is interested, please contact the Secretary at secretary@centralvicbiolinks.org.au for a description of the role of the Treasurer.

Fees and memberships

At the AGM, we decided to bring in annual membership fees and introduce Associate Memberships. 

Members:  The annual fee for members (that is the 18 groups that are Members of BA) will be $50.  This will go towards the costs associated with member groups, their delegates and members.

Associate members:  Many people are interested in supporting and getting involved in Biolinks Alliance but are not members of one of the Member Groups.  Associate Memberships will widen our support base.  The annual fee for Associate members will be $30.

The direct benefits for all members of the member groups and for Associate Members are discounts to BA events plus updates and newsletters.  The other wider benefits such as the Knowledge Hub and project development are covered by other income.

Fees for Members will be due by the end of the 2018-19 financial year.  We will send invoices or reminders closer to June 2019 but you are welcome to pay at any time before then.  Associate members will be required to pay when they join.

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Local to Landscape Planning - AGM workshop

After the AGM a short workshop on the Local to Landscape (L2Ls) capacity building process that we are beginning and will be a big focus of our activities next year was held. For an outline of the processes and the L2Ls we are embarking see the powerpoint presentation given here.

Board Meeting on 3rd October 2018. 

A Board meeting was held prior to the AGM. How we report progress towards our 2018 goals was a focus of the meeting. An update on that progress can be found in the Exec Directors Report.

Board Meeting 27 November 2018

The final board meeting of the year continued to address governance and operational processes. The past few months and activities can be found in the Chair’s report and Exec Directors Report.

2019 Symposium

Planning for the Biolinks Alliance 2019 Symposium has begun. It will be held in Euroa on May 24-25th and will explore functional approaches to restoring disturbed landscapes. The working title at present is:

  • Bolstering the Refuges: Functional approaches to restoring health and resilience to remnant ecosystems at a time of climate change

We are planning to run a field day on the Saturday following the Symposium as we did in Ararat this year. We are interested in hearing about restoration projects in the area, the Strathbogies, Upper Goulburn, South West Goulburn, Longwood Plains, Whroo-Rushworth areas within an hour of Euroa - for the field trip and local background to the symposium topic. Please contact Peter Mitchell with any ideas.

Another upcoming date for the diary

A heads up that we will shortly be sending promotions out around a Public Address by Dr Peggy Eby that we are pleased to be hosting.

The Capital, 50 View St, Bendigo

Sunday 31 March 2019  2pm for 2.30pm

Dr Eby is a conservation biologist, whose ground-breaking research has revealed the importance of Australia’s little-known, great wildlife migrations – our unique nectar-eating flying foxes and birds which fly huge distances tracking nectar-rich bushland trees as they flower.  She has researched the movements and behaviour of Grey-headed Flying Foxes for more than 25 years, tracking their dynamic movement patterns across the country in response to habitat availability and climatic conditions.  Dr Eby has also undertaken significant work communicating the outcomes of her research to the scientific community, wildlife managers, land managers and stakeholder groups.

Dr Eby’s research reveals why Grey Headed flying foxes have come to take up residence in cities like Bendigo & Melbourne, as well as how our local bush restoration and plantings can help save endangered nectar eating birds like the endangered Regent Honeyeater.  She has much to offer us as we pursue our ambitious vision to re-connect habitats.


Alliance Submission to VEAC Central Western Forests investigation

Biolinks Alliance submitted a response to VEACs Central Western Forests Draft Proposal Paper. You can download and read the submission, written by Peter Mitchell, from our website.