Eastern barred bandicoot

Eastern barred bandicoot

Bolstering the Refuges:

Restoring health and resilience to remnant ecosystems at a time of climate change

Euroa Football Club, 2 Dunn St, Euroa, 24 May 2019

Some small patches of remnant vegetation make a disproportionately large contribution to the maintenance of a region’s biodiversity and they require special attention.

The 2019 Biolinks Alliance Annual Symposium Bolstering the refuges, looks at the conservation value, the ecology and the health of patches of remnant habitat in the landscape - whether they be small or large.

Our past symposia have focused on the processes associated with ecological connectivity. This years looks at functional components and processes key to the health and resilience of remnant habitat, and how they may be restored.

With a strong focus on central Victorian systems - the grasslands, grassy woodlands, grassy forests and dry forests of the region the Symposium will provide practical and locally relevant knowledge for Alliance members and anyone with an interest in conservation. 

Running over a full day, the program will be made up of:

KEYNOTE PRESENTATIONS from three leading scientists:

  • Jacqui Stol, CSIRO, Box Gum Woodland restoration and woodland birds : sharing her deep experience around what constitutes and how to restore a functioning box gum woodland system.

  • Assoc Professor Euan Richie, Centre for Integrative Ecology, Deakin University - Woodland and forest restoration and reintroduction of function for and by digging mammals

  • Professor Don Driscoll - Director Centre for Integrative Ecology, Deakin University -   Ground layers/fragmentation and insects in farming landscapes

INTERACTIVE FIELD-BASED WORKSHOPS designed to give participants knowledge of innovative restoration methodologies that focus on restoring ecological and landscape function.

  • Grassland restoration

  • Woodland restoration - woodland birds and mammals

  • Climate ready re-vegetation


  • After-dinner speaker

Final program to be released in early May.  

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Workshop Field Sites.


We gratefully acknowledge the generous support given for this event from the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust.