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Grampians to Pyrenees

A regional landscape collaboration with the vision of creating ‘a healthy and connected landscape between the Grampians (Gariwerd) and Pyrenees that supports our people and our biodiversity’ 

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The Grampians are a core area for biodiversity in Victoria, hosting over one third of all of Victoria’s plant species. They harbour many species that occur no where else in Australia - probably reflecting their role as a climate refuge in the past. It is likely that they will play this role once again in the future with rapid climate warming. The Grampians to Pyreenees project will ensure they can play this role through buffering the Grampians and regionally reconnecting them to the more easterly Pyrenees Ranges.

The project has been a focus of a number of organisations including Project Platypus, Wimmera CMA, Glenelg Hopkins CMA, Parks Victoria and Trust for Nature for a number of years. With Project Platypus, Biolinks Alliance led the development of the Grampians to Pyrenees Biolink Conservation Action Plan. 

The Plan identified 9 priority larger-scale ‘functional zones’ that buffer and connect the Grampians and Pyrenees Ranges. It also identified key ecological and functional assets for priority management and restoration within those zones, outlining key threats and conservation objectives for those assets. Download the plan from the icon below.

Dedicated funding for the project’s implementation has ceased however the Plan serves to guide Project Platypus in on-going project development for funding from various sources.

Download Conservation Action Plan

Download Conservation Action Plan