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Local 2 Landscape

Creating Biolinks Plans in Heathcote region

Biolinks Alliance is co-developing an evidence-based Local Area Plan (LAP) to restore and reconnect the forests, woodlands and waterways in the Heathcote region with environment groups and community, the City of Greater Bendigo, and research and conservation organisations, including BirdLife Australia.

The Heathcote region is an area with much significant bush but with little formalised landcare presence. Recently landowners near Wild Duck Creek and the Argyle Forest, who have been planting on their properties to establish wildlife corridors, got together and formed ‘Planting for Life’.  They have identified they need scientific know how and a collaborative approach to make them more effective and contacted Biolinks Alliance to help.

Bringing together the various stakeholders in the region this project aims to develop a shared vision for the protection and restoration of the Heathcote regions natural values. It will increase local awareness of the value of the bush and provide ways for the local community to participate in its stewardship.  It will increase local knowledge around how deliver effective conservation actions in their area that also contribute to restoring the regional ecology. It will provide a practical tools to promote more targeted and wider community conservation action. The process will provide the community ownership over the outcomes: the vision, their roles, their activities and timetable. It will provide them with a scientifically robust agenda for more conservation action that uniquely integrates science with their local knowledge.

Find out more about the Local 2 Landscape process.

This project is being made possible with funding from the City of Greater Bendigo Council.


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