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Knowledge Hub


 Information for the best conservation actions to take 

Reports from the Glideways and Linking Landscapes Symposia can be found in the Knowledge Hub

This hub is being developed as a clearing house of science and practical know-how needed to protect, restore and connect central Victoria's special species and important places in the smartest and most effective ways. 

Biolinks Alliance held a workshop with members in 2012 to discuss their knowledge needs and the following topics were identified:  

What are the future climate-scenarios for the region and how do we adapt? 

  • Landscape design

  • What species and ecosystems to put back - genetic diversity

  • Refugia

  • Fire planning

  • Flood planning

  • Building resilience in to farm planning

  • Opportunities eg carbon markets, land use change

How do we achieve effective ecological connectivity?

  • Landscape design - how much, what and where?

  • Role of farm forestry

  • Grasslands and other non-tree dominated habitats

  • Working with nature

How to design biolinks taking into account threatened species and ecosystems?

  • Species and ecosystem requirements

  • Threats

  • Tools to reduce impacts

  • Indicator species

  • Benchmarks for threatened species

  • Re-wilding

  • Monitoring

  • Adaptive management

How to manage weeds in relation to building resilience and connectivity?

  • Predictions of weed and pest movements in response to climate change

  • Integrated pest management

  • Understanding of speceis ecology to control

  • Bio-control

  • WONS

  • Information on long term effects of chemicals

Human capacity

  • Wider engagement

  • Publicity and promotion

  • Resources

  • Partnerships