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Local 2 Landscape

Wedderburn L2L

Wedderburn - Leaky Landscapes Field Day

Biolinks Alliance is currently piloting a new approach to building community conservation capacity in the North Western Goldfields in collaboration with the Wedderburn Conservation Management Network, other stakeholders and potential investors.

The objective of the pilot is to develop a Local Area Plan – a kind of conservation investment “prospectus” that combines ecological restoration based on landscape-scale principles with a commitment to deliver by building local community conservation capacity – i.e. expertise, organisation and operational capacity. The process aims to add value to existing plans and strategies (such as BHA’s Kara Kara Wedderburn Priority Landscape Plan and the LPLCN’s Blueprint for Action) by developing a clear local landscape restoration “product”.

The output of the LAP process will be a detailed operational blueprint ready for implementation (pending support from investors) by the CMN with support from Biolinks and other stakeholders.

Implementation of the LAP will contribute directly to the conservation of threatened species such as Malleefowl, Dainty Phebalium, Grassy Woodlands and declining woodland birds such as Diamond Fire-tail and Hooded Robin by improving the diversity, productivity and resilience of habitat on public and private land. This restoration is especially vital for combating climate change.

Read more about the Local 2 Landscape process.


L2L Restoring Leaky Landscapes Place visioning, field -based workshop Oct 30 2018


Bush Heritage, Parks Vic, NCCMA, DELWP.