Restoring connectivity, condition and resilience to central Victoria will require supportive government policies and increased funding commitments.

VEAC Central West Investigation - Response to the Draft Proposal Paper

VEAC have released a Draft Proposals Paper in relation to the Central West Investigation which includes the Wombat Forest, Mt Cole & the Pyrenees.

The Biolinks Alliance supports the proposals for the Wombat Forest, but would like to see the same kind of protection for Mt Cole.

We encourage all of our members, either as organisations or as individuals to make a submission to VEAC outlining their support for the park proposals.

Visit the VEAC website to download the Draft Proposal, and download Gayle’s pointers for preparing a submission HERE

SUBMISSIONS CLOSE Monday December 10, 2018

2018 Inquiry into Australia's faunal extinction crisis - not just another Inquiry!
The Federal Government is holding a Senate Inquiry into Australia's Faunal extinction crisis.

The Inquiry was initiated to collate information on threatened species and their needs (as in habitat and connectivity) and provide the justification for a major increase in funding not just for threatened species but for nature as a whole.

You can download Biolinks Alliance’s submission, that gives a detailed picture of the situation in central Victoria, and supporting attachments.

Biolinks Alliance submission for the Biodiversity Strategy

Biolinks Alliance has put forward submissions to the state Government on its draft Biodiversity Strategy, review of the native vegetation clearing regulations and VEAC Central Western Forest Investigation. Download submissions here.