Have you ever seen a Greater Glider in the wild? Here is your chance.

Join us for a guided spotlight walk in the beautiful Wombat Forest, home to the endangered Greater Glider.

A unique opportunity to hear about Biolinks Alliance first hand, and see one of the animals we are working to protect.

Funds raised from this product support the works of Biolinks Alliance.

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This year, we’ve taken small groups of our closest friends and supporters on these walks, and our furry friends have always kept us on our toes, popping up in different places each time. One even treated us to the spectacular sight of it gliding between trees.

These are truly remarkable evenings, and a potent reminder of what is at risk if we don’t take immediate action to protect them.

“We had an amazing time on our Glider Walk. Thank you so much for taking the time to show us this wonderful part of the world so close by!” Tracie Ellis, 2018

PLEASE NOTE: Price is for two people and includes a guided tour (approx 2.5 hours) including light refreshments.

While we can’t promise you’ll spot a Glider, we haven’t been on a walk yet where we haven’t seen one.