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Annual General Meeting

Friday October 11, 2019

Kyneton Mechanics Institute, 81 Mollison St, Kyneton

12:00 - 2:30 PM

A new strategic plan for the Alliance:

Board and Members

We want to share with you our updated plan for supporting greater environmental stewardship and landscape-scale outcomes.

Valuing biodiversity:

Guest Speaker, Nigel Sharp

Founding member of Odonata, Nigel is an experienced biodiversity impact investor in Australia with 17 years of experience in regenerative biodiversity business solutions.

Hear from Nigel on opportunities for businesses to contribute to biodiversity conservation in central Victoria. Nigel will talk about his experience with environmental funding and investment and business adaptation to create a better future for our wildlife and landscapes.


  • AGM 12pm

  • Lunch 12:30pm

  • Guest Speaker - Nigel Sharp 1:15pm

  • Discussion

  • Finish

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Minutes from 2018 AGM

More about our special guest speaker Nigel Sharp

Our natural environment needs more support and it's no longer enough to rely on government, not-for-profits, volunteers and philanthropists to do the heavy lifting. We need business to play its part. Nigel's goal is to support the creation and thriving of innovative environment centred businesses and entrepreneurs.

Nigel builds and invests in “nature-friendly” businesses, which have a tangible, positive impact on nature and the community, while remaining profitable, successful companies.

In 2003 he purchased Mount Rothwell and, over the last 15 years, and a large feral predator-free ecosystem (473ha), it has established several successful threatened species breeding programs including Eastern Barred Bandicoots, Eastern Quolls and Brush Tailed Rock Wallabies. Recently Nigel and his colleague , Harry Youngman established a 1,000 hectare feral free sheep grazing farm known as Tiverton with a view to established threatened species programs.

As Nigel and his colleagues worked to recover the Mount Rothwell ecosystem, it became clear they were having a positive impact beyond rebuilding threatened species’ populations – they were also building a conservation community, tackling climate change and growing a successful business.

Nigel used what he learnt at Mount Rothwell to create ‘The 7Cs’, an investment , organisational and impact measurement philosophy focused on the whole business, including its financial, community and environmental impact. ‘The 7Cs’ philosophy ensures business still work to maximise cashflow and capital, but also focus on the impact on creatures, the climate, environmental corridors, the community and Indigenous culture.

Today, Nigel plays an integral role directing the strategy and growth of the ‘nature-friendly ’ organisations he has founded over the past 15 years.
He believes success is achieved through this long term approach and through collaboration.

Nigel envisages a future where all businesses think to be ‘nature-friendly ’ in striving to increase their financial bottom-line and biodiversity outcomes as they’re not mutually exclusive goals.